General Services Co.,ltd

We are a sending organization to Japan, and we will practice Myanmar pro-Japanese young people so that they can understand Japanese and Japanese society. Through a Myanmar instructor who has experience of studying abroad and technical intern training in Japan

In addition to “listening, speaking, reading, and writing,” we focus on “thinking,” “telling,” and “understanding,” and offer highly conversational lessons. Not only the Japanese language test, but also the customs and etiquette (separation of garbage, how to get on the train, how to get a medical examination at the hospital, etc.) in Japan through the 6-month class, which is a problem in working and living in Japan. We provide detailed guidance through a thorough program so that there is no such thing. In addition, MYO Overseas Academy (MOA) General Services Co, .ltd has strict rules and rules and is disciplined.

We are instructing you to lead a school life. We believe that what is important is not only to pass the exam, but also to have “skillful Japanese ability”.