General Services Co.,ltd

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued patronage and support, and we look forward to your continued support. It has been many years since the company was founded, and we have started the “MYO Oversea Academy” and started the technical intern training business for Japan. We are dispatching. I am honored to have experienced various businesses between Myanmar and Japan and to be of some help to Japan, which is indebted to me.

We have a license number registered by the company (107887814), and the license number of the sending organization.

It is a company that has been approved (101/2020). MOEAF (Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation) A company that is a member of the Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation and adheres to the Code of conduct.


Over the years, I have experienced various businesses between Myanmar and Japan. In addition, we have always warmly welcomed the Japanese people. While helping young people who travel from Myanmar to Japan for many years, I believe that it will lead to the development of Myanmar after acquiring the experience, knowledge and skills of Myanmar young people in Japan and returning to Myanmar. I would be honored if I could do my best to help Japan, which is indebted to me. Myanmar people may be one of the best nationalities to go with Japanese people. The population of Myanmar is said to be about 55 million, and according to the average age statistics, it can be said that there are relatively many young people even from the 109th place out of 201 countries in the world. I will do my best for the future development of Myanmar because of Japan, which is indebted to me.