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After many years of experience, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage and thank you for your continued support. It has been many years since the company was founded, and we started “MYO Overseas Academy”, which started a technical intern training business for Japan. Is dispatched. I am honored to have experienced various businesses between Myanmar and Japan and to be of some help to Japan, which is indebted to me.

For sending out Myanmar young people to play an active role in Japan. After accumulating many years of experience, we have been sending out to Japan for the poor Myanmar people. Myanmar has low salaries, and there are few companies in rural areas. In Japan, a lot of work is overflowing and the shortage of human resources is accelerating. Under such a developing economic situation in Myanmar, an increasing number of young people are trying to earn income by going abroad to work. Thailand and Malaysia, where you can easily go, are also popular. Furthermore, the number of young people going to Korea has increased rapidly.

We, Myo Overseas Academy (MOA), have started sending out to Japan because such young people in Myanmar are motivated to work abroad. I would like to go to Japan to work for money, but I teach our education center not only to make money but also to be conscious of becoming a Japanese society and enjoy living in Japan for many years. As a specific technical intern trainee who started in April 2019, I have many opportunities, and I would like to ask you to teach various things for the development of Myanmar from now on.